Emma and Jilly


Monday, 28 September 2009

New arrivals

We came home on saturday and found our neighbours sitting outside with their 9 week old kittens in a play pen. She was waiting for someone to come and look at them, so we ended up playin with them for a while.
Jilly has always wanted a cat, as she hasnt had one for ages, so she convinced me to take one of them, but we couldn't pick which one, so we now have two little kittens. They are adorable and have such funny characters, however Skye is not particularly enamoured by them. As far as she's concerned, we've brought two evil kittens that spit at her, into her house!

Here they are. The one on the left is Ginny and the darker one is Tonks


  1. They are adorable! Hopefully Skye will grow to love them too! We have two cats. Oliver, our dog, adores PJ, but can not stand Morgan, and she can not stand him, either. She growls at him the moment she hears his paws on the kitchen floor.

    And I LOVE the names! Fellow Potter fans, I presume?! :-)

  2. I love kitties- they are so cute- Congratulations. We just adopted a 10 year old cat and he is great.


  3. Yeh Dani, we are Potter fans, couldnt resist!

  4. ouuuu.. good luck, J and I got Simon and Kale when they were babies and they were a handful then but such great cats now

  5. Thanks J. Last night i had more trouble with the dog puking. The kittens were fine!

  6. I LOVE THESE KITTIES... and I love the HP reference soooo much too :) Cutie pies!!!