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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Hard Knocks

I am writing this post feeling truly fed up.

So I finished my operating theatre training and was waiting for my professional registration to come through before i could start the job i had lined up at a private hospital. However, on tuesday i received a letter from Human Resources at the hospital saying that after receiving all the information and dcoumentation they required, they would no longer be processing my application. This completely shocked me, as as far as i was concerned everything was fine and i did have the job. This has completely knocked me for six, as i have no idea what the reason for this sudden change is, and the HR woman will not speak to me!

In truth, i think it involves the educator from the hospital where i did my training. He was a nasty piece of work, who if he liked you and you were one of his favourites, he was nice, and if not he would make things difficult for you. Unfortunately, i stood up to him on this...morally the right thing to do, but apparantly the wrong thing for my future career.

So i am unemployed and really gutted, as i thought Jilly and i would be sorted and all our money issues would be solved. I know, after reading posts by some bloggers lately, that there is a lot of unfairness in the world and i have no reaal reason to complain....myself and Jilly are healthy, as are the kids and she has started her job. I'm just fed up of coming up against obstacles at every turn. We are definitely the family who nothing will ever come easy to!

Sorry for rambling and ranting, but if i cant vent on here, where can I?

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  1. Yes, your blog is the best place to vent. To say what you need to say. To get it off your chest.

    I am truly sorry. Sounds like this guy was a real piece of work - to take away your position because you stood up to him.

    I am glad that you guys are all healthy, and that Jilly is working. Things will turn around for you. When one door closes, another opens. And I believe it will be an even better job!