Emma and Jilly


Monday, 29 December 2008


A few more pics to show our progress over the last few weeks, it may be slow going, but its still progress.
We did well at Christmas, getting four different allotment and gardening books. Our next step (as well as digging out the infinate number of bramble roots) is to make a plan for laying out the beds.

Seeing Daylight!

We are starting to see daylight on the plot now, which is a vast improvement! We couldnt even use the front entrance at first as it was so thick with brambles.
Its very slow going and hard work, but Im sure when we are popping up there for veggies for next years Christmas dinner it will all be worth it.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Clearing

The allotment is coming along quite well. And so are the muscle aches and pains, mine due to raking and Jilly's after a fight with a tree!

For now, the hedges and trees are cleared and our next task is to fully clear the ground in preparation for digging in some beds.

We've plenty of nature for neighbours- a very friendly robin, squirrels and even a kestrel. However, we also have a human neighbour who is discussing using chemicals on his plot and as it is above ours will not help us in our quest for organic growing!