Emma and Jilly


Monday, 26 October 2009

Anniversary Weekend

Well we started the weekend by going to an Indigo Girls gig. It was the first time we'd seen them and they were fantastic. We then went up to Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire and a little 1 bed cottage that Jilly had booked for our anniversary. It was lovely and cosy with a log burning fire and a beautiful kitchen. On saturday we took the dogs on the beach and they loved it, playing with every dog in sight. We enjoyed the walk and the fresh sea air. Saturday night we went and had a candlelit dinner at a little restaurant in the village and had lots of yummy seafood. We then snuggled in the cottage in the evening.

On sunday Jilly's parents brought the kids up and we had fish and chips before spending ages on the beach with the dogs and flying a kite. It was really fun. We set off to come home as it was getting dark and i really didnt want to come home. It was such a perfect weekend and i didnt want it to end.

Thank you for arranging it Jilly and happy 2nd anniversary. I'll love and adore you forever xxxx

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Autumnal weekend

Jilly, the kids and I spent the weekend together. Yesterday we went to the cinema to see Up! in 3D. I've never seen something in 3D so that was pretty cool, unlike us in our glasses! It made me and Jilly cry in parts but we really enjoyed it. Then last night we had a night in and watched X Factor. This morning we had our usual lazy sunday in bed reading the paper and listening to Sunday love songs. Then we went to Chatsworth and had a nice picnic and walked the dogs. It was a beautiful autumn day. We came back and i cooked a sunday dinner which was very yummy (if i do say so myself). Hope everyone else had a good weekend x

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Being a lesbian daughter

So I could do with some advice from people who know what they're talking about. Basically my mum refuses to accept who i am and who i love. Jilly and I have been together for two years and up until then i had not spoken to my mum about my sexuality. I told my parents that Jilly was my girlfriend a few months after we got together and my dad was very gracious and gave me a hug and said its my life. Whereas my mother said (and i quote) "I cant pretend i'm happy about it cos i not". Now ok, she was probably shocked etc, but she's had nearly two years to get used to it.
She still acts as though Jilly doesnt exist and when i spoke to her the other night and told her that my job had fallen through, she told me i have to go where the jobs are and i should think about moving...convenient as she thinks this would take me away from Jilly. However, both Jilly and i agree that we would rather work in a supermarket and be together than work in hospitals and be apart.
My mother seems to want me to be apart from Jilly, even if that would make me miserable. Not surprisingly, Jilly has never met my mum, basically because she thinks my mum hates her and i cant say for certain that my mum would be nice to her if she met her. So i hardly speak to her these days. My relationship with my dad is the same as it always has been. He is so laid back really, he loves me for me, and i love talking to him. I dont see much of them cos they live in scotland about 7 hours away.
I dont want to end up having no relationship with my parents cos they're family, but there's only so much i can do. The rest is up to her!
Any words of wisdom?

Edited to apologise for the long, propbably boring post!