Emma and Jilly


Friday, 21 August 2009

Courgettes, Chickens and Civil Partnerships

Our allotment is very overgrown, however there is plenty of produce coming through. The beans are doing well, as are the courgettes, so we had a courgette and green bean risotto last night that was scrummy!

The allotments are surrounded by blackberry bushes which are full of fruit right now, so the other day we picked lots of blackberries and came home and made blackberry and apple crumble and some jars of blackberry jam. The kids ended up covered in juice pretending to be murderers (too much imagination!)
Unfortunately, Bangles, one of our ex battery chickens died the other day. She didnt seem very perky and wasnt herself. It was very upsetting to feel like i'd let her down, but she did get a few months of life outside the cages, sunbathing and pecking around.
On a happier note, we went to Jilly's cousin's civil partnership ceremony on monday. They got married at the town hall and then had a party afterwards. We all had a boogie and Jennifer sang on the karaoke with Jilly's other cousin, Ben.
Congratulations Gemma and Clare!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

What I love about Jilly

I am always telling Jilly all the things i love about her and why she is so wonderful, but she never believes me. Hopefully one day she will, but until then i'll just have to tell the world.....

-Firstly, and most importantly she is the most beautiful woman in the world

-She has the loveliest bright blue eyes and the softest lips

-The way she sings along to songs in the car...so cute and sexy!

-The way she takes care of me, especially when i'm ill

-The fact that she always humours me, even if i'm not being funny

-She lets me be who i am, and loves me for it

-She is so strong and independent and doesnt let people take advantage of her

-She is so clever and really ingenius sometimes

-She still has the ability to make my heart skip a beat

-She is a complete and utter romantic

-And we both want the same things in life....she really is my soulmate

I could go on further, but i'm sure you'd all get bored.
Anyway just wanted to let you all know the fantastic things about my fiance, Jilly.