Emma and Jilly


Monday, 29 December 2008


A few more pics to show our progress over the last few weeks, it may be slow going, but its still progress.
We did well at Christmas, getting four different allotment and gardening books. Our next step (as well as digging out the infinate number of bramble roots) is to make a plan for laying out the beds.


  1. You probably don't want to hear this, but I'd cut that hedge down to about 3 foot high. Having learnt from experience the stuff grows amazingly fast come spring and is really difficult to keep on top of if you leave it that tall to start with. It will also help to thinken it up from the bottom upwards. Sorry!

  2. Thanks for the input. We'll see what we can do after we've done some digging. We're digging up roots etc at the moment. The earth does seem pretty good tho so thats a plus.

  3. WOW you've got a job on your hands!! try to tackle a little bit at a time, and keep up your enthusiasm. I'll follow with interest... Tatty