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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Italy for the weekend

Last weekend we left the kids and dogs with the ex and flew off to Italy for the weekend. It was my friend from school's wedding on the saturday in a castle in a little town on lake garda called Malcesine.

It was a beautiful weekend, we had a welcome rest and ate lots of delicious food. Lake Garda was absolutely magnificient, with its big mountains and lots of lovely villages and towns.

The wedding was just a semetic one and therefore quite short, which we were glad of as the sun was beating down, even at 4.30 pm. We were then taken to the reception at a gorgeous restaurant and were fed a whole feast of courses between 9pm and 1.30pm. The speeches took the longest time as they had to be translated between italian and english for the grooms family and Rebecca's.

It was generally a very romantic break and had me and Jilly wanting to tie the knot...maybe next year!

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  1. Janine's brother lives in Italy (he is stationed there for military) and we keep saying we are going to visit one day soon. It sounds like you had a very relaxing time!