Emma and Jilly


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A Vegetable Feast

Hello everybody, sorry it's been a while...we've both been so busy with work. Jilly has finished her training and has got a job in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and i finish tomorrow and have been offered a job in a private hospital. Hopefully we should start work at the end of september at the latest, until which time we'll be a bit short of money (just for a change). Oh well it will just be nice to spend some time together as a family.

We spent a few hours at the allotment last saturday and harvested all the onions, the remainder of the potatoes and some peas (which unfortunately harboured lots of maggots/caterpillars). The beans are finally starting to do something and the sprouts, broccoli and main crop potatoes are coming along.

The main reason for going up was so Jilly could try out her new toy, a battery powered strimmer. She was very excited and it turned out to do the trick and cut those nasty weeds back down to size! We also put in place a garden bench that Jilly's grandad had fixed for us...so now we have somewhere to sit and drink our tea.

Anyway hope everything's ok with you guys


  1. congratulations on all your achievements! You must have both been working really hard! Your onions look fab! Nice to see you back, Tattyx

  2. Your onions look great!! Sucks about the maggots/caterpillars on the peas.

    I love the garden bench. I can just picture you guys sitting there, drinking your tea. So peaceful!