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Monday, 25 May 2009

The Long Weekend

It's been a long weekend due to the spring bank holiday so we've got lots to report.

Firstly, Skye turned 6 months old this week and remains the naughtiest pointer around...she's still incredibly loveable though.

We spent a few hours up at the allotment both saturday and sunday so got plenty done. We dug out another bed for the main crop potatoes and covered it to keep the weeds down. Then we made another bed where we planted out the sprouts, brocolli, carrots and parsnips. Jilly put some mesh around the peas and tied them up so they are no longer trailing along the ground. I also put together a very slanted compost heap out of pallets, it may not be pretty but it serves a purpose!

The chicken ladies are doing well and i found 2 eggs when i checked today. I expected 1 as Tallulah always makes a tremendous noise when she's laid an egg, alerting everyone to how clever she is! They've had the run of the back yard for most of the day and have discovered my lavender plant, as well as knowing exactly when the back door's been left open.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend!

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  1. I came by to have a nosy of your allotment, so glad I did. Its quite nice over here, so I will be back. PS envious of Skye and the chickens, can't wait to have my own one-day.