Emma and Jilly


Thursday, 14 May 2009

Night time ramblings

I'm on my lonesome tonight because Jilly's doing a night shift, so i've got Emily for company (hope she doesn't thrash around all night like the last time she was in our bed!). Anyway i hate spending nights without Jilly so am pining for her...i'm a big smush, i know.

The chooks have settled in now, although after getting 5 eggs from them in the first week, we have had none since monday. The weather is horrible and raining loads, which i dont think they're very impressed by! Oh well, on a plus side the veggies will be loving it. Hopefully we'll spend some time up at the allotment at the weekend.
Here's a pic Jilly took of Emily with her chicken, Tallulah. They go together perfectly as they both like talking!


  1. When Kel first went to working night shift (4pm-12:30am) - it was awful. I had the hardest time falling asleep, and when I did, I slept so light, that when she would pull up out front, I would hear her. After awhile, I guess I got used to it. Now, when we have time off together, and I get those extra nights when we can go to bed together, at the same time, it makes me long for her to go back to days. And it makes it harder for me to adjust to her going back to work. One day, when the kids are bigger, she will go back to days, and I will have her back! SO, yes, I know, I am a big smush myself!

    Love the pic of Jilly and Tallulah!

  2. Lovely photo of Emily and her chicken :)