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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year to everyone. We've just had a tonne more snow fall today so it doesnt feel quite back to normal yet.

We went up to Edinburgh on the 29th and stayed in my dad's flat. It's in a really good position for exploring. Jilly's brother and his wife live about half an hour away from the city so we visited them a few times.

On New Year's Eve we went out for a nice meal at an Italian and then went to the street party at Edinburgh Hogmanay. It was pretty cold but we wrapped up warm and had a drink. My verdict on the party was it was a bit more like loads of (mostly young) people wandering around, drunk, bumping into each other. And the worst bit was when a man urinated into a bottle right next to us. The fireworks were fantastic as you can see in the pics, but i wouldnt go again!

On New Years Day we went and prepared a meal at Jilly's brother's house and spent the day with his kids, which made me feel incredibly broody...i'm so bad!

On the job side, i start on monday 11th, which is scary and i'm feeling quite anxious about it as i've become used to being a housewife now. Will post how it goes next week.

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