Emma and Jilly


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Time to say I Do!

So Jilly and I are thinking of tying the knot at some point during the next two years, but arent really sure what we want to do. We definitely dont want a huge do, but it has to be special, as Jilly's last wedding was a complete nightmare (it was fate!), and i am only planning on marrying once. So we thought of doing it abroad, just with us and the kids and maybe Jilly's parents.

I just wanted to hear about you guys experience. Where you got married/civil partnered and any tips you have for us.

This will be my last post before christmas so i will leave you with best wishes and a happy christmas x


  1. Beautiful tre-- I love that window area!

    Jen and I got married on the beach in Hawaii- we had a private ceremony- invited no one- had a singer meet us and play music- it was wonderful- then we went to dinner and a movie.

    Very excited for you guys- congratulations.