Emma and Jilly


Sunday, 26 April 2009

Hectic week

Quick update....

We decided we would rehome 4 ex battery chickens from Hen Rehomers UK http://www.henrehomers.net/. They are due to come to us next saturday. We bought a chicken coop off ebay and took it up to the allotment to build. Then the other day we went up to the plot to water the veggies and to our horror, the coop had been stolen! We were devastated and are pretty convinced it's a new man on the allotment who has pigeons and is up there all the time.

So plan B...we are still having the chickens but are going to keep them in our back yard (god bless our new landlord for letting us!). We have been skip raiding etc and have got pallets to build a chicken house and run. We're currently building it and will post pics of the finished product.

Aswell as all that, we are moving house at the end of next week and have not done any packing yet due to working. Thank god we are only moving down the road and i am having monday and friday off to do things.

As for the veggies, the onions are coming through well but the beans and peas are looking a bit pathetic and i think something's been eating the peas.

And on a happier note, yesterday Jilly and i have been together 18 months and she bought me a little 'anniversary' album and put photos and mementos in it. It is so lovely and the best present i've ever had. She really is the most wonderful girlfriend and partner you could ever wish for.

I love you so much Jilly.


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about your henhouse being stolen, there are some nasty lowlifes out there! I wish you all the luck with your ex-battery hens, they are going to need lots of tlc, and I can just tell that you are the right girls to give it to them! Keep us posted, x

  2. So that is awful about your henhouse. People never cease to amaze me.

    Good luck on moving. Hope it all goes smoothly!

    Happy 18 month anniversary!! That is a great pic of the 4 of you!!