Emma and Jilly


Saturday, 13 February 2010

Jilly, I love you

So Jilly and I both agree that Valentine's Day is not really meant for us. We do romantic things for each other all the time, so we dont need a day to determine how much we love each other. I did end up buying two valentine's day cards for her and gave her both before the 14th. One i couldnt resist cos it was a lady lovin one.

Anyway, i just wanted to let her know that she is the most perfect, special thing in my life. Going to sleep and waking up next to her makes me so tremendously happy and she is one huge part of me...i feel empty and lost without her.

To Jilly, I adore every inch of you, your beautiful body and brilliant mind, your caring and loving nature and the fact that you return my love.

I love you my angel

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  1. This is lovewly. I wish you two all happinesses and joys for now and the future.